Basic Rider Course (BRC)                                                                            $280.00    

​Fee Schedule

​Basic Rider Course 2                                                                                   $125.00

If you register less than 7 days before class, please bring Cash, Certified Bank Check or

a Money Order (available at City Market, Walmart or The Post Office) to class with you.

If you fail to pay, you will not be allowed to participate.

Please mail checks or money order to:        TOG Motorcycle Training

                                                                  P.O. Box 1324 

                                                                   Durango, CO  81301-1324

Classes are on a first PAID basis, if you register for a class, do not show, and do not call,

a cancellation fee may be assessed. If you have not paid, do not show and do not call,

another registration will not be considered for for the remainder of the year. We don't

​accept credit or debit cards, at this time.

Classes have a 6 student minimum, classes will be rescheduled if that number is not


Classes may also be delayed by weather conditions.